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The click thumbnail gallery requires build 22 or 23 and above to change the ID
To see the version you have click on "About WebStudio" link on the HOME tab in Web Studio
To update if you have an older build the link is on the bottom of the page at Web Studio TV

The P-40 Warhawk became legendary when flown by the Flying Tigers, American Volunteer Group fighting in China.<BR> A classic fighter of World War 2 the Kittyhawk Tomahawk and Warhawk lines appeared from 43 to 44<BR> over the Mediterranean and Pacific theaters. The P-40 was not an overly exceptional aircraft in any one<BR> category but proved to be a deadly fighting machine in trained hands.
The Bf 109 was one of the most celebrated fighter platforms of her era and respected by all sides.<BR> With many variations throughout it's career the 109 made many aces of those who flew her<BR> and earned its place in the annals of military history as one of the top aircraft designs of all time.<BR> The 109 was fielded along all fronts and was the most-produced fighter of World War 2.
The F4U Corsair became the stuff of legend, shooting down 2,140 enemies at 11 to 1.<BR> The first Allied fighter to be able to counter the threat of the A6M Zero. Originally a US Navy carrier-based fighter it's use was expanded to land-based by the US Marines. Japanese forces grew so accustomed to Corsair strikes and their accompanying dive sound that they nicknamed the American aircraft Whistling Death
The P-51 Mustangs were the nemesis of the Luftwaffe, shooting down 4,950 enemy aircraft.<BR> It's said that when Hermann Goering learned that P-51Ds were beginning to escort B-17s on runs over Berlin in 44 he told his staff, The war is over. Primarily escorting bombers Mustangs were also able to bomb ground targets and outperform any of the German fighters that were matched against it.

Add a web studio draw shape to customize the look

Group your pictures to make the gallery 
Add alternate text in WS for the captions

Option to add captions generated from your pictures. The box is opaque black so you can put it over the pictures
Make the thumbs with web studio

Attach the download and Copy / Paste the text
"Group" your SAME SIZE large pictures, name the ID and it'll generate the gallery for you
Make the thumbnails any size you want with web studio and put them anywhere you like
Copy / Paste in a pre-made link and change one number for how many thumbnails you add
Copy / Paste a line of text into an HTML object for the captions and put it anywhere on your page
The captions will use your pictures alternate text if you decide to add it
The size you make the HTML object will be the size of your caption box and it will fit the text for you


If you want to change anything, all you do is un-group and re-group
You can place text or other images on top of these for logo's or website headers
You can use protected graphics or regular web studio images
Use a web studio draw shape behind the show for easy customization

Includes attachments so there is a download
Easy to follow numbered step by step tutorial with pictures

The buy now link will show you how to copy/paste the add on into Web Studio
If you need any additional help feel free to ask on the WSnext forum


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will be taken to the code page


These effects are not officially part of Web Studio

Web Studio 5 - Click thumbnail gallery using group - by Web Studio Next

The thumbnails and caption box can be
re-sized with web studio and aligned or put where ever you like on your page