Button Menu


A horizontal button bar menu for medium and above screens
On small screens it goes to a hidden button stack that opens from the menu icon
Foundation Button Group
Foundation 6.4.1

Sticky Navigation

STICKY NAVIGATION is the effect when you scroll down the page the button bar fixes to the top. I'm leaving it in here so you can see what it does. It is in the download and tutorial but as of RSD Build 2309 it creates prolems on iPhones so I'm hoping Coffeecup can fix it in later builds. For now I wouldn't use it.
The link to the foundation tutorial is sticky navigation

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Fixed Position for Mobile

When you open the stacked buttons from a small screen the normal position is they are located at the top of the page. I like to make those open where you are so there is no need to scroll back to the top to see the menu. 

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Button Drop Add On

If you like using buttons for navigation and want a dropdown I made a tutorial so you can add those. They use a foundation dropdown pane.
Button Drop Tutorial
Button Drop Example

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