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Google Website Verification

What is google site verification?

Optimizing your website so it can be found is important
you will want to do that - Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Step #1

Verify your Website in Web Studio

Step #2

Select add meta tag, copy the line of code google provides.

It will look something like this:
< meta name="google-site-verification" content="----numbers & text----" >

On the HOME PAGE of your website, Select the HTML tab then in"page meta tags" select USER META TAGS, paste that line there and save.
Upload the home page now with the changes. Then AFTER you have uploaded!
Click the verify button, and it should happen instantly you'll see a green check mark.

If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a Google Webmaster Tools account. Next you will need to log into your WMT account. On the WMT home page click on the ADD SITE button, and enter the URL of the site that you would like to verify and manage. Then press the CONTINUE button.
You will next be taken to Verify Ownership screen that allows you to select a verification method. Be sure that the Site URL is correct. The verification status should display as NOT VERIFIED. The user interface will ask you to select how you would like to verify your site, select the "alternate method" tab.

About this tutorial

First I'll show you how to get your site verified at google and how you put that
information into web studio. You need to follow that up by taking advantge of googles
webamaster tools Bing & Yahoo have similar programs but not covered here.

If this generates any response I'll do a page that will show you how to work with the WMT tools, like where you place the analytics tracking code, the important site index preference, how to do a xml sitemaps that won't throw errors, the simple robots text fix, what rich snippets and structured data really means, and how to get google to do a quick fetch for changes once you have all this correct.

Verifying your site gives you access to Google’s Webmaster Tools (WMT) which gives you insight into your site’s visibility at Google. Still my thinking is you want your site to be taken seriously so using WMT is important.
WMT is a whole other subject.

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