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Web Studio 5 Tutorials & Add On Effects

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the time put into the tutorials if they were of any help building your website Thank-you for your support

Web Studio Next

Build: with the simplicity of Web Studio 5
Add: a pinch of html, css or jQuery
Get: web studio next


paragraphs & text, links, shadows, borders, images and css website backgrounds

css is used for the style or look of page elements


iframe footer, tooltips, using google fonts, calendar, dates, various scrolls,
accordion, named anchors, rss feed readers

text and font related effects

all made for web studio and built with jQuery so they work on iOS & smart phones

content showcase slideshows and image galleries

background images, image gallery, background slideshows and website backgrounds

the full computer screen

image banners, slideshows, color bars and repeating patterns

the width of the computer screen

I'm rebuilding the web studio next site navigation and effects

being updated now

hover, toggle, sliding, captioned, fixed and animated effects,
images from lists and thumbnails

image related effects

to be updated

web studio links, search engine optimization basics
tutorials and usage tips for web studio 5

web studio application

the new windows pop up on your page and darken the background
includes a converter for updating the built in thumbnails

pop up "lightbox" related effects


Web Studio Next - Add On Effects & Tutorials - For use in Web Studio 5